Building Out the Project Studios, v2

Rebuilding Slowly But Surely


After a 6 month break where one of our members was traveling on work, the crew is picking up the pieces and moving forward with our project!

We took the opportunity to expand the capabilities of the two project studios and procured some sick gear to help us build the album.  New additions include:

  • A V-Drum hit for Dan
  • A portable sampler for recording one-shot hits for the V-Drum to utilize (using everyday objects and non-standard percussion sources)
  • A vocal processing unit/harmonizer
  • 2 sub-bass kick synthesizer units (for that heavy bass!)


Percussive Mayhem

We recently had the opportunity to fire up the V-Drums and route them through NI’s Battery percussion sampler and then some real-time VST effect processors.  It was really just goofing around to see what sort of sonic mayhem we can expect to achieve with our new tools – I took a video, and posted it up under our new YouTube “In the Studio” channel just for fun.

Check it out:


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