Our Favorite Music

The following songs/albums/artists influenced the sound/style/direction of Midnight Alice from a concept & production standpoint, including our favorite bands, stylistic influences, and influential movies/games.


Midnight Alice:   Trip-Hop Spotify Playlists

Spotify playlist links featuring Midnight Alice’s favorite Trip-Hop artists and tracks.  Good trip-hop is hard to find, but we try!

Midnight Alice:  Favorite Trip-Hop Songs Playlist

Midnight Alice:  Essential Trip-Hop Songs (Influential Tracks and band favorites)

Musical Influences

(Major Influence) Michael McCann : The Hive (Song, Deus Ex Soundtrack)

• Massive Attack : Mezzanine
• Massive Attack : 100th Window
• Postishead : This is PortisHead
• Sneaker Pimps: Becoming X Album
• Everything But the Girl: Tempermental (Album)
• Switchblade Symphony : The Three Calamities
• BT: Movement in still life
• NIN : Pretty Hate Machine
• Morcheeba
• Thievery Corporation
• Tool


Influential Film and Video

• Ghost in the Shell : Standalone complex (Cyberpunk influence) : Cyberpunk Anime Series
• Ghost in the Shell (Movie) 2017 : A basic intro into the Cyberpunk aesthetic
• Cowboy Bebop : Cyberpunk Anime Series, different take
• Aphex Twin music videos (On, Come to Daddy)
• The Animatrix (structural idea for rock opera featuring different styles in single narrative)
• Requiem for a dream soundtrack
• Music videos by Tool
• Artwork from www.reddit.com/r/cyberpunk


Influential Games

• Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2017) : Cyberpunk action RPG, primary influence for Midnight Alice concept (See: The Hive music by Michael McCannn)
• Shadowrun Returns (Cyberpunk RPG, PC 2017) : Cyberpunk story-telling and music/vibe
• American McGee’s Alice, PC (inspiration for twisted Alice in Wonderland approach, Charley theme)
• Vampire: The Masquerade : Bloodlines (overall vibe for Midnight Alice, dark night music)