Member Bios

About the Band

Midnight Alice is based out of Phoenix, AZ, and is comprised of a number of talented individuals who lend their talents and creativity to the project.

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Producer / Composer

Producer and composer based out of Phoenix, AZ specializing in sound design, electronic music production, hardware synthesizers, and information technology infrastructure. Proficient in both piano and guitar, Justin has spent a lifetime composing and producing music of all sorts, including film soundtracks ( and an album that received international distribution.

An IT administrator by trade, Justin writes custom code, builds server and application infrastructures, and makes fractal artwork when he isn’t spending time with his wonderful wife and daughter. Midnight Alice represents a large push to make the dark trip-hop album of his dreams (and nightmares).


Producer / Composer
Composer and musician based out of Phoenix, AZ. Dan’s influences include 90’s alternative, grunge, and metal. Some specific influences include NIN, Tool, Sneaker Pimps, Beastie Boys etc. Dan is proficient in guitar, bass, drums, and enjoys dabbling in piano/keyboard. His hobbies and interests are vast like his abilities, and when paired with Justin, the musical and creative possibilities are endless. Dan has a history in industrial equipment automation, and currently works for a Japanese robotics engineering company. He performs field evaluations, engineering changes, repairs, and trains others in equipment operation and repair.
To Dan, Midnight Alice represents the future of music. His goal is to create something great, something that leaves audiences begging for more, something that leaves a mark on the world.

Michael “Bullet”

Vocalis / Lyrics
A Hilariously twisted Individual, Michael "Bullet" Johnson is a talented vocalist that draws influence from rock and metal, and brings these influences into Midnight Alice's tracks.

Jimmy (June Friday)

Vocals / Lyrics / Guitar

Jimmy (a.k.a. June Friday) is a Vocalist/Lyricist, Guitar Player, and All-Around Creative Dude based out of Phoenix, AZ. He has a flair for creative collaboration in a number of styles, and brings a fresh direction and unique style as a contributor of Midnight Alice.



Singer / Creative Writer

Angelica is a singer/creative writer based out of Phoenix AZ with a passion for literature, trip-hop, education, and creative writing.  Influenced heavily by Beth Gibbons from Portishead, Angelica brings a chilled, soulful sound to the project.


Mike “The Captain” Olmeda

Assistant Producer, Voice-Overs, Creative Consultant

What more can be said about The Captain that hasn’t already been detailed in an FBI dossier?  A longtime friend and ally of the band, Mike brings his creativity, paranoia, ideas, and talent as a creative contributor to the group.


Chris “Skinny”

Webmaster / Artistic Design Consultant

Chris is an IT technician, webmaster, and artist based out of Phoenix, AZ. Chris (aka “Skinny”) handles the band’s web presence, marketing materials, and assists with the artistic design for the project. When he isn’t banging his head in exasperation on the keyboard, Chris enjoys creating artwork, sketching, painting, sculpting, etc. He especially likes to create furniture and sculptures from wood.

Midnight Alice is a project that Chris was welcomed into and he took to it, feet running, by creating the website and giving thumbs-up where applicable and needed. If any issues are found on the site or any aspect of this community of a technical nature, please bring it to his attention by using the Contact Us page.


Spectre Cross (Guest Vocalist)

Vocalist / Lyricist

A vocalist, producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist based out of Southern California, Spectre Cross is a classically trained pianist that began her discover and exploration of popular music later in life. Spectre writes and performs everything from R&B to rock, trip-hop to EDM. Using her extensive training, natural talent, and keen ear for music and theory, Spectre is dedicating her life work to music and production and everything in between.

Spectre has collaborated internationally and can be found on several professional track releases. Follow her on SoundCloud for more.