New Members & A 2018 Target Release Date

Midnight Alice is back, and we intend to deliver our debut album in 2018!

Darkmoon Charle is alive!

Midnight Alice – New Members

After some unfortunate intermissions that delayed our progress for a bit there, Midnight Alice is back in action and plugging away in our project studios writing content. I am pleased to announce that we have brought on 2 additional members:

Jimmy (June Friday) : Vocalist/Lyricist, Guitar Player, and All-Around Creative Dude

Michael (Bullet) : A Hilariously Twisted Individual that Delivers Gravely, Haunting Vocals & Lyrics

Jimmy and Michael are both extremely talented and creative musicians, and we’re enjoying the creativity that they bring to the table during our weekly sessions.  Things are starting to come together in a big way, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated as the album nears completion.

Building Out the Project Studios, v2

Rebuilding Slowly But Surely


After a 6 month break where one of our members was traveling on work, the crew is picking up the pieces and moving forward with our project!

We took the opportunity to expand the capabilities of the two project studios and procured some sick gear to help us build the album.  New additions include:

  • A V-Drum hit for Dan
  • A portable sampler for recording one-shot hits for the V-Drum to utilize (using everyday objects and non-standard percussion sources)
  • A vocal processing unit/harmonizer
  • 2 sub-bass kick synthesizer units (for that heavy bass!)


Percussive Mayhem

We recently had the opportunity to fire up the V-Drums and route them through NI’s Battery percussion sampler and then some real-time VST effect processors.  It was really just goofing around to see what sort of sonic mayhem we can expect to achieve with our new tools – I took a video, and posted it up under our new YouTube “In the Studio” channel just for fun.

Check it out:

Midnight Alice is Back!

Midnight Alice is officially back in action after a 9-month hiatus!  Dan had been relocated by his company to Reno, Nevada to assist with building out the Tesla Giga-Factory – we were sad to see him go but knew it would be temporary.

Now that Dan is back and 2018 has hit we are back at it in full – with new songs, new members, new equipment, and a new drive to wrap up our debut album here in 2018.

There will be plenty of news and information coming your way soon – stay tuned!



Hello World!  I am pleased to announce that Midnight Alice is born.

The brainchild of Dan and Justin, the goal of the Midnight Alice project is to produce a kick-ass studio trip-hop album featuring a number of collaborators.

This is our new website (thanks to webmaster Chris!), and we’re just starting to build the content.  I whipped up some concept artwork that should do nicely for now, and we’re going through and establishing our web presence.

On the back end we have launched the Distributed Audio Processing Studio (DAPS), which is a cloud-based audio production platform that allows people in remote locations to collaborate over the internet and seamlessly open up each other’s projects.  Dan and I have both built our project studios with some choice hardware and software, fired it all up, and have started the songwritting process.

To date we have 3 finished sequences that are in need of vocals.  We are looking far and wide for collaborators (both local and online), as the lyrics and vocals will carry the product as much as the music.

I’m working with some amazing people, and this time around I’m confident that the talent, drive, and wherewithal are all present – the trip-hop album I’ve been dreaming of is about to be born.  It’s alive!!!