New Members & A 2018 Target Release Date

Midnight Alice is back, and we intend to deliver our debut album in 2018!

Darkmoon Charle is alive!

Midnight Alice – New Members

After some unfortunate intermissions that delayed our progress for a bit there, Midnight Alice is back in action and plugging away in our project studios writing content. I am pleased to announce that we have brought on 2 additional members:

Jimmy (June Friday) : Vocalist/Lyricist, Guitar Player, and All-Around Creative Dude

Michael (Bullet) : A Hilariously Twisted Individual that Delivers Gravely, Haunting Vocals & Lyrics

Jimmy and Michael are both extremely talented and creative musicians, and we’re enjoying the creativity that they bring to the table during our weekly sessions.  Things are starting to come together in a big way, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated as the album nears completion.


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